Fast, Affordable Covid-19 Testing Now Available

COV-19 Testing Kits

Whether for school, work, travel, entertainment, or just peace of mind, you can be sure of your COVID-19 status with quick and reliable testing kits available now at a Mills Pharmacy location near you.
Mills Pharmacy testing kits are easy to get and use. Pick up your kit on your schedule with no prescription and no appointment.

  • First, stop by your neighborhood Mills Pharmacy when it's convenient for you. There's no need to call ahead.
  • Secondly, purchase your test from our friendly local staff.
  • Next, collect your own sample by following all instructions within your kit.
  • Finally, return your sample to our safe and secure on-site dropbox. You'll receive your results via text message in less than 48 hours!

Our testing kits are NOT rapid antigen tests. Instead, our kits are lab-tested using the rigorous PCR (polymerase chain reaction) process to deliver thorough, dependable results.

Don't go another day without knowing your COVID-19 status.