Smart Packs

Never fill a pill planner again by using Smart Packs from Mills Pharmacy.

Do you struggle filling or opening pill planners each week or month? Do you forget to fill the pill planners or simply miscount your medications? Did you know that up to 50% of prescription drugs are not taken at the same day and time as prescribed? With Mills Pharmacy Smart Packs, you’ll never have to worry with flimsy plastic pill packs again.

What Are Smart Packs?

Smart Pack services are free to all Mills Pharmacy patients. Your pharmacist pre-sorts your medications and organizes them in daily dosage pouches housed all inside one box. Smart Packs are convenient, mess-free, and safe for patients. Best of all, this service is available at no extra cost! Let us turn your drawer full of pill bottles into one box that easily dispenses your daily dosage of medication in easy-to-open pouches.

Why Use Smart Packs?

Each Smart Pack is personalized to each individual patient. We will even sort based on the time of day each medicine should be taken. If need be, your Smart Pack box will contain a morning, afternoon, and evening pouch for each day of your box's supply. Each pack is labeled with all the pertinent information to help you effortlessly manage your medications.

Who Benefits from Smart Packs?

Smart Packs are especially helpful to caretakers as they help ensure the patient does not mistakenly skip days or doses. The labels are neatly and chronologically sorted, so it is easy to determine if the patient misses a day or dose.

Smart Packs are not limited to prescriptions. Over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements can also be included in your Smart Pack.

Ready to simplify your medication? Simply call or talk with your friendly Mills Pharmacy pharmacist to get started. Your Smart Pack will be ready the following month, or the next time your prescriptions are due for a refill.