Vita-Value Packs: Just $25 At Your Local Mills Pharmacy

Give your immune system the boost it needs! New Vita-Value Packs from Mills Pharmacy are loaded with an entire month of four must-have supplements your body needs to keep your natural defenses at their strongest.

Vitamin C - An antioxidant essential for your body's natural growth and healing processes.

Vitamin D - Another nutrient with antioxidant properties, vitamin D is necessary for everything from maintaining healthy bones to muscle function and brain activity.

Zinc - An element with many applications in the body, zinc supports immune function and your metabolism.

Quercetin - Finally, quercetin is a naturally occurring plant flavonoid boasting antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Best of all, your entire monthlong supply of these crucial nutrients is only $25! You won't find a better deal anywhere else for these critical vitamins and minerals, so act now. Get them expertly packaged in your Vita-Value Pack for easy once-a-day doses in one convenient box.